The best 2D + 2.5D platformer solution for Unity

- by More Mountains -

A very fast, tight, mobile-friendly, single or local multiplayer extendable engine
that works great with other assets to start creating your own 2D game right now with Unity.

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The Corgi Engine is a Unity 2D + 2.5D Platformer Kit, available on the Unity Asset Store.
It's a very fast, single or local multiplayer non-physics based engine, packed with features, described below. It's mobile friendly, works well with other assets, and is basically everything you need to start creating your own 2D game right now.

The Corgi Engine is recommended by Unity as part of its 2D Essentials Pack.

Wanna give it a try ?
Check out the demo!

This page contains an exhaustive list of all features included in the Corgi Engine, as well as FAQ, a changelog, and a roadmap of coming updates.

Getting started?

You can start by having a look at the functional documentation, which covers all aspects of the engine. There's also a complete documentation for all classes, which are all heavily commented, so it's very easy to understand and improve on as long as you have basic Unity understanding. If you don't want to get into code, there's still a lot you can do in the inspector or simply by replacing assets! It's now super fast to create your own game! There are also video tutorials to get you started.

And for a quick look at how it works, and how you can use it to achieve great things, you can look at this tutorial series by the great people at Unity themselves.


Since v3.0, the Corgi Engine supports local multiplayer. Create coop or versus games super easily!

Player Movement

The character controller is easy to control and tweak via the inspector. For those of you wondering, the Player/platforms collision detection is made using raycasts, it's not a physics based engine, although you can mix some physics with it, as you can see in the demo (the crates for example).

  • walk left or right
  • flip or rotate on direction change
  • walk on slopes
  • orient your character depending on the slope angle
  • dangle at the edge of platforms
  • compatible with all kinds of 2D colliders (box, circles, polygons, etc...)
  • run
  • look up
  • crouch and crawl
  • jump (proportional to the button press time or not, with fall and ascent speed multipliers)
  • customizable jump time windows after a fall
  • double jump (or any number of jumps you want)
  • wall jump
  • wall slide
  • jump down from platforms
  • horizontal dash
  • vertical dash which smashes the ground and shakes the camera
  • jetpack (along with particle effects)
  • move along a path
  • climb ladders (regular or bidirectional ones)
  • shoot and use weapons, and more than one at once
  • melee attacks
  • push and pull objects
  • control time (speed it up or slow it down)
  • grab ropes
  • ride a zipline
  • switch character for another model or prefab at runtime
  • swap control between multiple characters in your scenes (think Lost Vikings)
  • swim
  • fly freely in all four directions (all the time or on command)
  • glide to slow down your fall
  • new in v5.3 hang and climb from ledges

Player animations

For each of the player's feature, you'll find a dedicated animation. The Corgi Engine uses Mecanim's powerful state machine and blend trees so you can easily replace our little corgi with your own character and animate it. The asset includes spritesheets animations, animated meshes and Spine powered animations. And of course the engine can work with any animation mode you prefer.

Demo levels

The asset comes complete with more than more than 50 demo levels, a splash screen, a start screen, and a loading screen so you can understand how to link your GUI screens and levels together.


Since v4.2, the Corgi Engine allows you to set a specific gravity direction, per character. Unique to the Corgi Engine, this feature opens a whole world of possibilities. Whether it's constant altered gravity, or only in specific zones, or around certain points, the choice is yours. And it's not just "reversed gravity", it's free, 360°, and entirely up to you. Most features of the engine will keep working in altered gravity, from weapons to jumpers, so you can now turn your world around however you want.

Portals and Teleporters

Create teleporters to move quickly from point A to point B. You can also create portals through which you can move, shoot, or throw enemies.


Although the Corgi Engine is raycast based, and independent from Unity's Physics 2D, you can still interact with it to some extent (not recommended for physics heavy interactions, non flat pushing, chain reactions, etc). Since v1.6, you can now push blocks, platforms, etc, have them fall down or hit each other.

Additionnally, since v2.1, you can now simulate slippery or sticky surfaces, or add stuff like treadmills or trampolines to your levels, and v5.2 introduced pushing an pulling other CorgiControllers.

Enemies and friends

  • The demo levels include a bunch of enemies, complete with basic AI, health levels, movement animations and death effects.
  • the blue robot : this mean dude walks from left to right on slopes or even terrain, and shoots at the player as soon as it sees him.
  • the cactus : don't touch his spikes!
  • the blue round thingy : don't touch his spikes either!
  • the buzzsaw : rotating and moving danger
  • the blob : it looks friendly but it will hurt you if you touch it. You'd better jump on it!
  • the green corgi : this little dude will follow you everywhere
  • the dude : he doesn't do much, he just walks around
  • the heavy corgi : he sure has one big armor
  • the Retro swordsman : a tiny yellow dude with a mean sword
  • the Retro ghost : basically Super Mario's ghost, will fly around and track you unless you face it
  • the Retro blob : a blue character that can adapt various strategies and shoot machine guns
  • the Retro Rabbit boss : a complex boss with two separate and destructible weapons, and evolving behaviours based on time and health

Advanced AI system

new in v5.0 Take your enemies and friends to the next level using the Corgi Engine's Advanced AI system. Combine actions and decisions super easily via the inspector to create complex behaviours for your characters.


  • multiple weapons : machine gun, rocket launcher, build anything you want
  • melee weapons : the asset now comes with a melee weapon system!
  • multi-directional shot : you can choose between a straight shots system , 8-ways shots, or free 360° shots
  • new in v5.0 combo weapons : chain weapons together (melee or not), and create devastating combos
  • powerful controls : you can aim via the primary or secondary direction stick, or use the mouse to aim
  • upgradable weapons : gather weapon upgrades to improve your gun
  • laser sight : add a laser to your weapon to make each shot easier!
  • crosshair : display a crosshair on screen to never miss a target

Collectible Items

  • coins : the asset includes a simple yet powerful points system. Gather coins to earn points!
  • stimpacks : grab these little buddies to get health back after getting hurt by an enemy.
  • weapon upgrades : get a hold of these to improve your gun!
  • bullet time collectible : grab these beauties and slow down time for a while.
  • 1-ups : grab mushrooms (or whatever you prefer) and get your life counter back, or grab empty life containers.


Feedback in games is super important. Whether it’s visual feedback, haptic vibrations, sound, or anything else, feedback is the sum of things that happen whenever something happens, in general or in reaction to the player’s input. This will ensure the player always understands the consequences of their actions.

The Corgi Engine is built with that in mind at all levels, and comes with a lot of classes and prefabs you can use to improve the general feeling of your game : screen shake manager, flashes, time management to slow down / speed up time or add freeze frames, animated healthbars, explosions, VFX and SFX integration on all abilities, knockback, everything you need to step up the feeling of your game is built-in!

Inventory Engine

The Corgi Engine comes with the Inventory Engine, More Mountains' dedicated solution for inventory management.



  • The asset includes 10+ different environments : the mesa, the mountains, the lava world, a pixellated, tile based level, the minimal prototype set, a 3D level, the Super Hipster Bros demo, the BroBro level, and more...
  • easily set up parallax and camera-following backgrounds
  • moving platforms
  • one-way or both-ways platforms and slopes (moving or not)
  • jumpers
  • falling platforms (or elevators or whatever you want)
  • cannons that shoot destructible missiles on a guided path
  • destructible crates
  • trees that move procedurally
  • mountains
  • timed auto respawn
  • tons of default platforms
  • ladders, regular or bidirectional
  • possibility to disable physics
  • water
  • time zones
  • wind
  • special wall surfaces
  • and more...


The asset includes a complete documentation for all classes, plus each class is heavily commented, so it's very easy to understand and improve on as long as you have basic Unity understanding. If you don't want to get into code, there's still a lot you can do in the inspector or simply by replacing assets! It's now super fast to create your own game! There are also video tutorials to get you started.

Mobile Friendly

You can use this asset to create games that run on anything you like. The asset comes with input management and preconfigured controls for keyboard, xbox360 pad, and mobile (iOS or android - and probably anything with a touchscreen). You can enable, force or disable mobile inputs easily via the Unity editor. The engine will even autoactivate mobile controls based on your build target.
Since v2.2, the engine relies on homemade, simple by design, mobile controls. They're fast, repurposeable, and reliable. Feel free to replace them with better ones.
You can get a tech demo on the Play Store to have an idea of how it runs.

Time management

You can now control time! The game comes with a pause system and methods to speed up or slow down time!


The asset comes with a lot of particle effects that work great in 2D, such as jetpack flames, projectiles, explosions, etc... Use them as they are in your own game, or customize them by tweaking their parameters and materials.


The Corgi Engine is fully compatible with Esoteric Software's amazing animation software Spine. Since v1.5, the asset includes many Spine powered characters. Feel free to add your own!


The asset uses the new GUI system introduced with Unity 4.6 to display the avatar and healthbar, and even the mobile controls. It's easier to use and customize, and works well on all screen sizes. And v4.4 comes with new GUI features such as level selection carousel, a better pause menu, and more!

Buy the Corgi Engine

Corgi Engine + Handcrafted Art
2D Platformer Mega Bundle

You can also buy the Corgi Engine as part of the Corgi Engine + Handcrafted Art - 2D Platformer Mega Bundle, a joint venture between Alien Nude and More Mountains. The bundle includes the Corgi Engine (exactly as it is in this asset), along with 8 top selling high quality background packs by Alien Nude.

Legal restrictions

All music files included in this asset are © Uniform Motion and for demo purposes only, you can't reuse them. You can't redistribute the code or any of the content of the asset.

The names Corgi Engine, More Mountains and Reuno Corp are copyrighted.

Apart from that, feel free to use all code and visual assets included in the asset in your games.

Play a Demo

Click here to give the HTML5 demo a try.
If that doesn't work, you can download a PC build or a Mac build of the engine to try the demo levels.
And you can also get the Android tech demo on Google Play, or you can grab the Corgi Engine tech demo for iPhone on the App Store

How to play ?

Movearrowsleft stick
Runleft shiftX
Hit the ground (while in air)down + dashdown + dash
Look upupleft stick up